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Update on the Earth House Project

Today is my second day at Khadiravana. We started the day by measuring the site where a Tibetan earth house will be built. The place we chose is where the first Khadira trees were planted by many masters the first year we bought the land three years ago. The front view overlooks Khadiravana’s mountains and the Stupa site.  There will be a courtyard, two bedrooms and a living room. We are happy that soon we will be able to receive our teachers properly.

Our workers did the measurement and prepared a wooden tool to knead the earth like the way Tibetans build their mud houses.

In a few days we’ll start a stone foundation and prepare materials for volunteers who will be joining hands to make this project possible. We will use mud on our land and will try our best to make this house project as economical as possible.

We’d like to thank Khun Orn and Khun Suree for their enthusiasm leading to the initiation of this earth house project. We are grateful to Khun Jun, as always, for the architectural design of the house. And to Khun Jaroen for responding positively when I first told him about the idea of building a retreat/reception house for lamas.

Those who wish to take part in the building is most welcome. Please let us know by 16 November so that we can make appropriate arrangements.


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