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Preparing for the Earth House

From the first day ( a few weeks ago) till now:


Yonten drew a picture of a Tibetan earth house. The project took him back to his hometown in eastern Tibet and to his childhood when he helped his relatives build a house made of mud with other people in the village.

jun, kris

We went to see Jun, one of the foundation’s architects to consult on the possibility of the Tibetan earth house at Khadiravana. Jun efficiently drafted this architectural plan. Previously Jun suggested us to build retreat houses with mud.

planOur plan is to make it a model for a Tibetan house in Thailand. Yet, it is suitable for Thai climate and is practical in term of living.

chutorNovember 10: Yonten and I performed a “chutor” ceremony  in the midst of the sunny day at the site where the house will be built.

clear landOn November 11 (Dakini Day) we started clearing the soil.

clear land2Ton, Yiem, Lung Lerd and Yonten

kesang 12We ordered a truck of stones from a factory nearby. Stone will be used as a foundation.

Yon, Ton

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