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Visiting Karen Children

On November 26 Yonten and I with Khadiravana workers went to visit a Karen village in the Pala-U area to survey a village that needs warm clothes. Before entering the village, we stopped at a primary school for Karen children run by border patron police. The visit gave a good experience to both Yonten and the workers like Lung Dom, who has never been to the village, even though he lives all his life at Makhasisong (a village where Khadiravana belongs).

We presented the school a box of calendars from Nakorn Luang Thai bank that Yidrol donated to the foundation. A few had previously been given to our workers and villagers nearby.

Lively scene in the school’s library

The main problem of people in the village is overpopulation. There are 6-12 people in each family. Most girls marry soon after they leave the primary school.

Young children at home – what will their future be? Will they still keep their culture alive?

Most houses are made of bamboo like this one. Some use modern materials like bricks and cement.

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