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Tara Great Stupa Construction in Progress, January 2010

The past weekend we also met to plan the Stupa work, survey the land again, and make necessary preparations for piling, which is scheduled to start next month. The foundation is grateful to Methi and Jun for taking the time to supervise the work. Thanks are also due to Anne, who accompanied them and cooked a lunch for us.

Methi and Jun explained the area of construction site to the survey team.

Checking land contour

Locating the site on Tuesday

It’s always a joy to work for the stupa. Earth, engineer from Hua-Hin came to join us for the first time. He offered to be of service to the stupa project.

The engineering team grew bigger. Tu in Addidas shirt, a Hua-Hin native also offered his service to us.

We will clear the land by the end of the month, sign contract for piling work, prepare water, electricity and sanitary systems for the stupa workers. Piling (planting 500 pillars) will start soon after Tibetan New Year.

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