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Tibetan Earth House in Progress

5th Gathering of Earth house volunteers

This past weekend volunteers for “ban din” (earth/mud house) came to Khadiravana again to resume our muddy work and begin rooftop. We did the first layer of finishing of all the walls. This time Suree brought many new and young faces. Three kids joyfully played with mud and sand. With rain Sunday morning, we took a chance to visit Juk and his friends’ forest houses in the Pala-u area.

Aeh, Juk, Jun, Suree – Ban din discussion over Tibetan tea

What we have achieved so far

Window work a few days ago

Preparing mud

My brother wrote: “I’m impressed by Suree’s strong will to build a Tibetan house in Thailand”

Serious talk on how to make our roof strong and beautiful

Students in action

Bo’s  5th time

Time to play for little builders

We will meet again next weekend to work on the final layer of finishing – this time there will be a need to use cow dung.

Foggy morning before a heavy rain

Jun drew the design of the doors.

With dad and Yos at Juk’s garden

Yonten and Prai enjoyed outing on Sunday

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