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A Visit Full of Hope – Dakini Hermitage

After a brief stay at earthquake survivors camp in Yushu this past April, I traveled further to Dakini Hermitage in Dzachukha (Shiqu), about 3 hour drive from Yushu. The hermitage is a nunnery supported by the foundation.  It’s a joy to visit Kandroma Palden Chotsho and to see new faces, particularly young ones from age 5 joining the hermitage.

Zangdok Pari temple – this is where the nuns will pray and study together. Thanks again to Global Women’s Fund, Bridge Fund and all the donors for your financial support.

Inside the main shrine on the first floor. There are already two statues of Buddha and Lama Longtok, Kandroma’s father who used to head the hermitage. Two other statues of Guru Rinpoche and White Tara are being cast. They are done in Yushu and some apparently got damaged from the earthquake.

Beautiful pillar design depicting Jigme Lingpa, a great Nyingma master

The nuns are learning the foundation’s activities.

Future of the hermitage

Kandroma’s house, which will be renovated by the foundation

A new nun’s house has been built.

Altar inside the house

The oldest nun of 80 years old. She has been waiting for our visit, Kandroma told me.

It’s wonderful to see women get a chance to study the Dharma. Most Tibetan women still cannot read or write in Tibetan, let alone talking about Buddhist texts.

Zangdok Pari from a glance

Scenery near the hermitage

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