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Sewing Prayer Flags (2)

The activity of sewing prayer flags this past weekend not only enriched our spiritual being and gave us a chance to make merit together, but it strengthened the bond between us and connected us with sacred mantra of Tibet.

Sewing prayer flags will continue this upcoming weekend July 10-11, 9.30 am-5.30 pm at the foundation house.

More than two years ago a few volunteers sat on the same spot sewing prayer flags together. Now we are back to do the work once more for the 4th Mantra Stupa, which will be celebrated this August.

Sewing flag tails of five colors representing five natural elements: yellow (earth), white (water), red (fire), green (wind), and blue (air)

This year we added orange, the color of abundance, of Sherab Chamma, Loving Mother of Wisdom.

Tan offered a hand cutting flag tails with fun and in a creative way.

Khun Niramon brought an enthusiastic sewing team, hence speeding up our work.

At the end of the day we sat in a circle reciting Tara mantra to generate our love for sentient beings and to reflect on what we did.

No other word is greater than “thank you”. When we thank others, we learn to be humble. At that moment, our heart is pure and radiant.

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