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Great Memory from Ringu Tulku Rinpoche’s Previous Visit

In November 2007, Ringu Tulku Rinpoche came to Thailand the first time. He visited Khadiravana Center and performed a White Tara empowerment there. At that time, there was only an office house, a retreat house and the Mantra Stupa (or in Tibetan tongdar). The empowerment was done in the Mantra Stupa. Despite the wind, chilly weather and basic facilities, everyone attended the empowerment with happy spirit. The next day Rinpoche blessed the land and the site for the Tara Great Stupa. He said, “Khadiravana is quiet, pleasant and beautiful. It is a perfect place for dharma practice. He admired the Mantra Stupa and expressed his wish to build something like this in Sikkim. Before leaving Khadiravana, he poured blessed water from the empowerment into our ponds.

It is such a great pleasure to have Rinpoche back to Thailand again after 3 full years. Our center has progressed. From empty land at the Stupa site, now we have a new road leading to construction and 505 pilings ready. Two more mantra stupas have replaced the one in which Rinpoche performed the ceremony. Two pavilions, a tiny retreat cell, and a reception Tibetan house came into existence. The site has been blessed by several masters – male and female, from various traditions, and by the pure hearts of Thai friends  and those from all over the world who came to visit us.

Here are my reflections in our newsletter after that event:

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