Rainbows at Kundrol Ling

This past full moon day (Asarnha Puja Day, 15 July 2011) the Foundation organized a meditation retreat to cultivate love and compassion at Kundrol Ling or our Sanskrit name Khadiravana Center. The event gave us a chance to make aspiration to do good deeds during the Buddhist Lent. The Foundation is grateful to all the donors, volunteers and staff who made this event possible. After the participants left on the first day of Buddhist Lent (16 July),  a rainbow appeared at the Stupa site. Another one appeared again early morning the next day (17 July). They are like miracles and the little rain that fell was truly a shower of blessings.





The beauty of double rainbows near the Mantra Stupa.

Sharing opinions on Buddhist Lent aspiration

Session at Dewa Pavillion – Getting to know Vajrayana Buddhism

Khru Ord  (Wunwipa) from Jivitsikkha as a speaker and assistant

Evening prayers at Vasutara Pavillion

Circumambulate the Stupa site

Practising mandala mudra

Planting “Matoom” as a souvenir

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