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Reaching out to Singburi


After Pakkret, we moved on to Singburi, which got flooded before Nonthaburi. The water was gone completely only a week ago. This time we focused on helping the Sangkharajawas School so that it could conduct classes like before.

Sangkharajawas during the flood, October 2011

Established 111 years ago, this public school has 285 students from Kindergarten to Junior High.

The school is located in Muang district, Singburi province, about 150 kilometers north of Bangkok.  The name Sangkharajawas refers to the Supreme Patriarch of Thailand who used to visit the school.

I appreciated so much the kind support of many foundation friends who contributed in so many ways like giving a large number of plants to the school, making hope packs for all the students and teachers as well as janitors, donating books and educational activities, and sponsoring ice-cream to the children. Special thanks go to Christopher & May Duse and their Tashi Shok project as well as Leo Duse for providing hope packs to 82 Junior High students and gifts to the teachers.

We are grateful to the Ananda Tour, who provided us an air-conditioned coach for traveling to Singburi yesterday. We thank Paruehat Meesen, the foundation’s secretary who efficiently coordinated for this memorable visit.

A warm welcome by the students.

Finally, we thank all the teachers and students as well as the director of the Srisak Bangrajan School (Aj. Udorn Sarakhom) for coming to meet us and helping take care of us.

Working together between the students and volunteers.

Transporting doanted books, packs and things to the hall.

Farewell to the visitors

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