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Casting the Four Noble Buddhas Project

The 2-meter hight statue of Buddha of Clear Light (Shenlha Okar) is under casting by Newar artists at Patan in the  Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. Together with the other three Noble Buddhas, it will be transported to Thailand and be placed in the main temple of the Great Stupa for Peace and Harmony under construction at Kundrol Ling (Khadiravana Center).
We are grateful to our master Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche, who kindly supervises the casting of the Four Noble Buddhas (Deshek Tsowo Zhi) and travels to Nepal to give instructions to the artists.
The Foundation invites all to make contributions to this Buddha casting project and the building of the Great Stupa as a way to practice our bodhicitta as well as to preserve Buddhist heritage for countless generations.
The casting of the Buddha of Clear Light Statue will be finished in January 2013 and will be transported to Thailand right away. The remaining Buddha statues will be finished every six month and by August 2014 the last Buddha statue will be shipped to Thailand.
For more information, please contact us at
May you all enjoy prosperity and long life and may you attain the  ultimate happiness of enlightenment!
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