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The Life and Works of Tsulchen Rinpoche (2)

To receive and welcome him, there were dharma practitioners, disciples of the previous Tsulchen Rinpoche, and devotees of Yungdrung Bon and other schools including King Meu (King of Ngawa). At such a young age, he could miraculously recite prayers to remove obstacles and dedication prayers.

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The Life and Works of Tsulchen Rinpoche

The detail of his life and teachings are shared on the occasion of Tsulchen Rinpoche’s upcoming visit to Thailand during December 13-23, 2017 to give teachings, and oral transmissions as well as chair the Phapa offering ceremony for the World Peace Great Stupa under construction at Kundrol Ling, Thailand.

This biography of Tsulchen Rinpoche is compiled from a collection of teachings by Tsulchen Rinpoche as well as an interview with Ajarn Meu Yonten, who spent 27 years at Tokden Monastery under guidances of Tsulchen Rinpoche and the late Triwa Rinpoche.

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