About me


Dr. Krisadawan Metavikul (Kalsang Dawa) is a meditation teacher, Tibetologist and expert of Tibetan Buddhism. Former associate professor of linguistics from Chulalongkorn University, Dr. Krisadawan founded the Thousand Stars Foundation and Kundrol Ling, a Tibetan retreat center in Thailand which fosters and preserves Buddhist art, Tibetan – Zhang Zhung spirituality and cultural heritage. 

Dr. Krisadawan received her Ph.D. in 1993 from Indiana University, where she extensively studied the Tibetan language and acquired expertise on Tibetan studies. With research funds from the Asian Scholarship Foundation and the Thailand Research Fund, Dr. Krisadawan conducted several research projects concerning grammar and sociolinguistic aspects of the various dialects of Kham Tibetan. 

While working at Chulalongkorn University, she published nearly 30 academic papers in international journals and served as researcher in an International Workshop on Emancipatory Pragmatics in Japan. In 2007 She left her academic career to fulfill her dream of building a Tibetan meditation center at Hua-Hin, her hometown. 

Currently, Dr. Krisadawan is an independent scholar, meditation teacher, and president of the Thousand Stars Foundation. She is author of nine books covering from pragmatics (language and use) to practice manuals, and death, dying and bardo. She is also conducting a few translation projects with an aim to introduce Tibetan Buddhism, particularly Dzogchen, to the Thai public and the international community. She is also an active pilgrim in Tibet where she did two prostration journeys in Central Tibet and circumambulated Kang Tise (Mt. Katlash) six times.

One of her most important projects at present concerns the construction of the 73-meter great stupa for peace and harmony at Kundrol Ling. The stupa will serve as a temple, meditation hall, and a living heritage of Tibetan ancient wisdom, art and architecture.