Kundrol Dechen Ling

Kundrol Ling.jpg

Kundrol Dechen Ling under the Thousand Stars (Pandara) Foundation is situated in the mountainous, western part of Hua-Hin, a famous seaside resort, 300 kms. from Bangkok.

Khadira (Acacia catechu)

Khadira is the very first tree we planted at Kundrol Ling. Its Tibetan name is “Sengdang,” which is associated with Green Tara. To remind us of Arya Tara’s enlightened activities and boundless compassion for all beings, we name the center in Thai “Khadiravana” (ศูนย์ขทิรวัน).


The center in its early days. The land was obtained in 2006. The first building Vasutara Pavilion was built three years after that.

This spiritual forest is primarily dedicated to Dzogchen practices, as transmitted in the Shardza Tasha Gyaltsen and Kundrol Dragpa lineages of the Tibetan Bon Buddhist tradition. These lineages come down to us through the kindness of our root masters: His Eminence Tsulchen Thegchog Tempai Nyima Rinpoche and His Eminence the late Kundrol Mongyal Lhasey Rinpoche. Apart from being a retreat center, Kundrol Dechen Ling serves as a place for learning Tibetan art and culture.


The name “Kundrol” refers to “Thugji Kundrolma,” the red dakini of power who is a source of refuge for tummo (inner fire) meditation. The retreat center’s full name is “Kundrol Dechen Osal Lhundrub Ling”. This name was bestowed to us by His Eminence Tsulchen Thegchog Tempai Nyima Rinpoche in December 2017 upon his first visit to the center.


Dr. Krisadawan Metavikul (Kalsang Dawa) leads a mandala offering retreat for Atri Dzogchen Ngondro students, April 2018.


Part of Ngondro students who both practice and help out as the foundation’s volunteers.


Kundrol Dechen Ling is the site for the 73-meter Kundrol Dechen Great Stupa for Peace and Harmony (Yungdrung Kölek Chöten), which is under construction. Once finished, the stupa will be open for everyone to come and pay homage to the representation of the Buddha’s mind. It will serve as the main temple and meditation hall and learning center for Tibetan art and architecture.


A stupa represents the enlightened mind of the Buddha. The stupa being constructed at Kundrol Ling is modeled after the well designed Swastika (Yungdrung Koleg Choten). The main objectives of building this stupa are to venerate the Buddha’s mind of enlightenment (bodhicitta) and to generate universal love and peace to the world.

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