Building the Great Stupa for Peace and Harmony

“Whoever sees, hears, remembers, or touches the stupa will receive the joys of the Buddhas and all the blessings.” The Buddha

Stupa festivalA non-profit organization founded in Thailand, the Thousand Stars Foundation (Pandara) aims to preserve Tibetan ancient wisdom, support spiritual practices in Buddhism, promote peace and harmony through mutual dialogs among the various Buddhist and spiritual traditions of the world, as well as engage in charity work.


Since 2012, the Foundation has commissioned the construction of the Yungdrung Kölek Kundrol Dechen Great Stupa for Peace and Harmony on a 26-acres plot of land in the western and mountainous area of Hua-Hin, Prachuab Khiri Khan.

The Stupa – the Bodhi Tree of Enlightenment

“Everyday I vow to build the stupa, which means much more than building a concrete structure for people to come and venerate. The Stupa reminds us to think about others, just like the Buddha thinks about sentient beings. It is like a Bodhi tree that we plant on earth permanently. Without ego, we water this tree of enlightenment until it grows and benefits others.” Dr. Krisadawan Metavikul (Kalsang Dawa), the founder of Kundrol Dechen Ling.

The Stupa – Source of Peace and Harmony
Once completed, the Yungdrung Kölek Kundrol Great Stupa for Peace and Harmony will be open for the general public. It will function as a temple, meditation hall, and learning center of Tibetan and Zhang Zhung wisdom.

Main components of the Stupa:
stupa layout

(1) The Mandala Hall at the Mezzanine Floor
  encompasses four great chambers housing various deities of the Tibetan Yungdrung Bon and Buddhist traditions.

(2) The Main Hall, where the Four Noble Buddha statues (the Desheg Tsowo Zhi) and 1,000 small ones (the Desheg Tong) are enshrined.

(3) The dome to enshrine the relics and holy objects related to the Buddha and Bodhisattvas.

(4) Circumambulation and prostration courts.

(5) Learning center

(6) Reception areas

Benefits of Building the Stupa

stupa 22-01-17A stupa houses objects that remind everyone of the Buddha and noble teachings, and since it lasts for lifetimes, building a stupa thus incurs a vast amount of merit since it functions as a focus point of energies and activities related to the teachings of the Buddha and will remain so for centuries.

The Buddha has shown various benefits of building a stupa. These include happiness, prosperity, and joy. Seeing and worshiping the stupa and thus becoming faithful in the Triple Gems, the minds of the faithful will enter the stream of Dharma, eventually leading to Liberation from the cycle of birth and rebirth.

In addition, this stupa, created exquisitely according to the Tibetan Buddhist art in its external and internal architecture, will inspire people to come and meditate, pray, circumambulate, turn the dharma wheels, and make dedication to the deceased, which leads to inner awakening and the rising of joy and faith in the Triple Gems.

rainbow at stupa 23:09:15

The building of this great stupa is therefore one of the skillful means to transcend our conceptive and moving mind. The stupa radiates its blessings for protection of disasters, conflicts and violences, and bring peace and prosperity to the land, the world and all lives.

stupa 2019.jpg

Donation Contributing to the Stupa’s Construction

Currently the construction of the first floor of the stupa has already been completed. The current phase is the building of the mezzanine floor. We invite everyone to join the merit in building this great stupa. Contribution of any preferred amount is highly appreciated.

May the blessing of the Triple Gems provide you all with prosperity, good health, and happiness, and may your merit and virtues bestow upon you to reach enlightenment.