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Conference on Yungdrung Bon in Amdo



Tokden Monastery in Amdo, where Yonten got ordained as a young novice. The picture was taken in November 2012 where a great conference for Yungdrung Bon was held. May the Buddha’s teachings spread far and wide!


Earth Houses in Tibet

Kangba 1Three storied house suitable for sustainable lifestyle. It is made out of love and solidarity of people in the village. Aba, Amdo, Eastern Tibet (Qiang and Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province)

Kangba 2Water drainage system

Kangba 3Another beautiful home in Aba, Yontan’s hometown. Aba is famous for the best earth houses in Tibet.

Tibet Outside Tibet

Exhibition: “Tibet Outside Tibet a Photographer’s Journey through Tibet’s borderlands” by Luke Duggleby

นิทรรศการภาพถ่าย “ทิเบตนอกพรมแดนทิเบต”

5-28 November 2009

Serindia Gallery, OP Garden, Soi Charoenkrung 36

Phone: 02 238 6410


Modern cartography drastically simplifies the complexities of a region and none more so than Tibet. Through generations of governance by the People’s Republic of China, maps of the world feature Tibet as the Tibetan Autonomous Region or TAR.

Viewing a map it can be assumed that everything Tibetan exists within these penned boundaries. Yet all things Tibetan, its people, its culture, its languages exist in strength well beyond the boundaries of the TAR.

In India, Nepal and Bhutan, Tibetan culture crosses boundaries with little dilution. In China, Tibetan culture exists throughout the surrounding provinces of Qinghai, Gansu, Sichuan and Yunnan. In fact some say that the Tibetan culture in these peripheral provinces is stronger and more traditional. It is in these provinces that I discovered my Tibet.

My first venture was in Northwest Yunnan in 1999 and Sichuan in 2003, and over the years I return again and again to document Tibetan cultures

In this region – I circumambulated sacred Buddhist mountains, migrated to summer pastures with nomads, took the Body of Christ in Sunday Mass, crawled on my hands and knees searching for the elusive caterpillar fungus and stared down a valley in bewilderment at the millennia old salt terraces of Yanjing. This was my ‘Tibet’. Although I have never seen Lhasa or the Potala — maybe I never will, I have experienced ‘Tibet’ in its glory.

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