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Love & Compassion at Rajburi Hospital

manba 3The lecture hall is well equipped with modern technology.

manba 6

manba 4More than 200 participants attended the talk. Most of them are young nurses.

At the end of the session we sang Tara mantra together. We spread our love and compassion to all patients in the world, particularly our beloved King Bhumipol, who is receiving treatment at Siriraj Hospital. It’s a touching moment when Tara mantra was recited loudly and warmly by our united hearts.

DSC08916Among the organizers. It’s such an honor for me to be part of this lovely event to celebrate the late Princess Mother’s support work for Thai nurses.

Manba 7The participants made contributions to the Tara Great Stupa. We are grateful to Ajarn Tadaratana for inviting me and kindly supporting us. She had the donation box made at the spot. The amount of the donation is: 5300 baht.