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The Life and Works of Tsulchen Rinpoche (2)

To receive and welcome him, there were dharma practitioners, disciples of the previous Tsulchen Rinpoche, and devotees of Yungdrung Bon and other schools including King Meu (King of Ngawa). At such a young age, he could miraculously recite prayers to remove obstacles and dedication prayers.

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Guru Rinpoche Festival in Aba, Sichuan Province (Amdo Tibet)

8-14 April 2010

I planned to attend the famous Guru Rinpoche empowerment at Tokden Monastery for 3 consecutive years. This year I managed to go there with Yonten and On, who offered to take photos for us. It was a joy to attend the ancient ceremony with several hundreds of Tibetans in the middle of the night. The empowerment was over at around 5 am. We went outside the main shrine to feel fresh cold air. Our spirit renewed with Guru Rinpoche blessings.

Guru Rinpoche or Padmasambhava at the main shrine, Tokden Monastery

Smoke offerings to dharmapalas before the empowerment

Serious praying monks

and playing ones

Circumambulating the shrine before empowerment which took place at 3am

Tsulchen Rinpoche conducting the empowerment